Top 13 photos of 2013

Since ending my Photo 365 project, I’ve been going over and over my photos from 2013, many times wondering why I didn’t shoot from a different angle, crop a scene left instead of right, or wishing that I had taken more time to find a better shot.

In my reflection, I selected my top 13 of ’13. This was my first pass – no thought – no review or rethinking. These are the images that made me linger and remember. And I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow.

Do you have a favorite not posted here? Let me know.

Arbus-Cat Bend-in-the-Road Biking-Minnesota Brother-Sister Frost Joe Lowertown-Pillars Oil-Stain Pink-Glove Self-Portrait Weisman Westminster-Station Xcel-Energy-Center

2 thoughts on “Top 13 photos of 2013

  1. Boy, do I love your photos! Great selection, and if I were given the almost impossible task of picking only one, I’d go for the guy with a cigarette. I hope you do even better in 2014! Mr. Violin.

    • Thank you so very much! Smokin’ Joe is a favorite of mine as well. I love photographs of people, but I’m a complete chicken when it comes to taking pictures of them. Joe is a friend, so it was easier to ask his permission. I’m happy he made the blog at least once during the year.

      Happy 2014!

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