Top 13 photos of 2013

Since ending my Photo 365 project, I’ve been going over and over my photos from 2013, many times wondering why I didn’t shoot from a different angle, crop a scene left instead of right, or wishing that I had taken more time to find a better shot.

In my reflection, I selected my top 13 of ’13. This was my first pass – no thought – no review or rethinking. These are the images that made me linger and remember. And I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow.

Do you have a favorite not posted here? Let me know.

Arbus-Cat Bend-in-the-Road Biking-Minnesota Brother-Sister Frost Joe Lowertown-Pillars Oil-Stain Pink-Glove Self-Portrait Weisman Westminster-Station Xcel-Energy-Center

Photo 365: The End


I started this year-long photo project without much thought. Piece of cake; I take pictures with my iPhone all the time. 

Who was I kidding?

Somewhere between San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New York, England, Scotland, Ireland, two broken iPhone cases and one new kitten, I started to “see” the world around me a little better than I had before. I also realized that I’m right handed to a fault, and primarily see all of my photographs with my right eye, scanning right to left, before I take a picture.

Day 365 of Photo 365 is finally here, and I want to thank everyone for taking this journey with me – allowing me to share what I saw every day of the last year. I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have.

Land line


I teased a co-worker this week about still having a land line at home. Promptly 24 hours later, the SIM card in my mobile went haywire. Panic set in for a moment because I suddenly had no way of communicating with anyone.

Seeing this old phone at an antique store today made me chuckle. How far we’ve come. And even back in the day when my parents had this type of phone in the house, I was always annoyed by how long it took the number “9” to dial back. I was born in the right era, for certain.

This is day 355 of Photo 365.



My rock, my best friend, my hockey coach (offsides!), the best laundry folder ever, and the man that is required to die after me because I wouldn’t be able to take losing him, is day 331 of Photo 365. Love you babe, and so thankful we met in a little eastside community center where Saint Paul Camera Club was having a get together. You are the best thing in my life, and I’m thankful beyond measure.

Editor’s note: Husband’s pose is also near and dear to my heart because this is how I see him more often than not. He loves his iPhone even more than I love my phone. 🙂

Como Conservatory

My favorite respite during the winter months is Como Conservatory. It is warm, lush and has wonderful natural light on even the dreariest days. I didn’t need to use one filter on these iPhone images.

My adventure to Como Conservatory is day 328 of Photo 365.






Moscow Garlic Company


I still have several bags of hard and soft neck garlic from Moscow Garlic Company, which means this chilly November night was the perfect evening to make garlic soup. This red variety originated from Inchelium, Washington on the Columbia River, near the boarder of Canada. A mild flavored garlic, husband gave the final result two thumbs up.

This is day 322 of Photo 365.