Photo 365: The End


I started this year-long photo project without much thought. Piece of cake; I take pictures with my iPhone all the time. 

Who was I kidding?

Somewhere between San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, New York, England, Scotland, Ireland, two broken iPhone cases and one new kitten, I started to “see” the world around me a little better than I had before. I also realized that I’m right handed to a fault, and primarily see all of my photographs with my right eye, scanning right to left, before I take a picture.

Day 365 of Photo 365 is finally here, and I want to thank everyone for taking this journey with me – allowing me to share what I saw every day of the last year. I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as I have.

4 thoughts on “Photo 365: The End

  1. Bravo! And THANK YOU for taking the journey. When you started I thought, “hope she’s thinking ahead” having done a planned-31-day journey in 2011. And there were times when I was running out of breath *for you.* But, like a good marathoner, you had a strong, strong finish – some of your best stuff. Thanks, again. And HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Tom!

    • Thank you! I’m just happy I never resorted to taking a picture of my toes. And there were days it was tempting! But I’m glad I pressed on through the good, bad and ugly.

      Happy New Year!

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