Vladimirskaya Neighborhood and Dostoyevsky

If you are a fan of Crime and Punishment, some of the characters and scenes of the book were taken from this neighborhood where Dostoyevsky lived.

The Times We Had

I’m guessing all three of these individuals have great stories to tell. Couldn’t resist this quick serendipitous snapshot from my hike today in Old Town Tallinn.

Tallinn, Estonia

I used to love leaving the United States to get a different perspective on life, and now it’s the prescription to fill my soul every year. Where is your next journey?

Parlour St. Paul

One of my favorite things on the menu at Parlour in Saint Paul is the roasted cauliflower from the “Shareables” section. What makes this superfood so delectable is the chiles honey sauce and a cilantro purée. And don’t forget the jalapeños! The flavors aren’t spicy, but warm your gums perfectly. Bring a big appetite or a friend willing to share a vegetable with you.

Nourishing New Year

I love starting off the new year with a great breakfast and Day by Day Cafe in St. Paul has a tofu sauté that knocks my vegan socks off. Happy and health 2019 to you and yours!