iPhone-Colleen-McGuireI’m never without my iPhone 5, and this is a list of my favorite apps that help me travel more efficiently.

iTranslate helps break down those panicky language barrier moments when you cannot remember how to say “I would like two apples, please” in German. With 60 languages in its catalog, iTranslate helps you navigate through sentences with grace.

GlobeConvert is my go-to app for converting volume, speed, temperature and currency. Length, weight, time and energy are also part of this handy app.

Kayak is a handy one-stop shop for flight and car searches, hotel search and booking, flight tracker and more.

Lyft is currently available in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Chicago, Boston and Washington, D.C., Indianapolis, St. Paul, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Charlotte. Lyft is an affordable transportation network of community drivers who have been background checked and personality screened to offer great ride experiences. Typically cheaper than a taxi cab and more efficient than public transportation, especially during late night hours.

Airbnb is a worldwide community marketplace that connects you with people who have space for rent. The app allows you to preview listings, connect with home owners with questions and book the spaces listed – from a private room, an apartment or a full home.

Airports by TravelNerd provides airport information and flight tracking assistance. You know when you’re getting ready to land after an overseas flight at an airport you’ve never been to, and your teeth feel furry and your stomach is rumbling? Yeah, that feeling. With TraveNerd you can research bathroom locations and restaurant listings by terminal, along with other amenities.

Yelp is still an ever popular app, with listings and reviews from users who rate restaurants, bars, business and more, all across the globe.

MyTSA provides the latest updates of TSA rules and regulations, plus it offers airport TSA security checkpoint statuses, wait times, weather reports and more.

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    • I haven’t tried and really should. Thanks for the reminder. Amsterdam is a gem. One of my favorites of @tomdunnphoto is from that trip!

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