Looking inside your pictures


Spoiler alert: I take a lot of average snapshots. Shocker, right? Even I don’t fool myself. So for all of you who don’t think your snapshots are good enough, instead think about what is inside of your pictures.

Day 310 of Photo 365 was originally part of a snarky text to husband. I was rolling my eyes at the truck in front of me during my morning commute. I doubt a police officer would have thought this was legal. But then I looked at the shapes. Shards rose from the paper barrels like golden glass. Picture complete.

Garlic soup


One of my absolute favorite things to do is to put something in the crockpot on Sunday mornings. Dear husband bought five pounds of organic garlic for me recently, and that meant I HAD to break out my favorite garlic soup recipe. It has 44 cloves of garlic in it. Needless to say, after roasting the cloves and then placing them in the crockpot with onions and thyme to simmer all day, the house smells amazing.

Forty-four cloves of garlic saturated in black truffle oil, olive oil, salt and pepper were part of my day 286 of Photo 365.



The leaves have changed and when a strong wind blows, they begin to fall. Cooler temperatures and shorter days can only mean one thing – it’s time to find my hat and gloves.

This is day 285 of Photo 365.

You don’t see me taking your picture

I wanted to experiment with abstract tonight, so I hit the streets of downtown Saint Paul with my iPhone by my side and my finger on the shutter button. I just snapped as I walked. The end result was a lot of fun blur, and my victims had no idea. I might be on to something.

This is day 239 of Photo 365.

Mix tape

I considered myself the mix tape queen in high school. I loved making mixes for my friends, sharing new music I had learned about. So when I saw this iPhone case on the clearance rack, it had to be mine.

This is day 234 of Photo 365.