Top 13 photos of 2013

Since ending my Photo 365 project, I’ve been going over and over my photos from 2013, many times wondering why I didn’t shoot from a different angle, crop a scene left instead of right, or wishing that I had taken more time to find a better shot.

In my reflection, I selected my top 13 of ’13. This was my first pass – no thought – no review or rethinking. These are the images that made me linger and remember. And I’ll probably change my mind tomorrow.

Do you have a favorite not posted here? Let me know.

Arbus-Cat Bend-in-the-Road Biking-Minnesota Brother-Sister Frost Joe Lowertown-Pillars Oil-Stain Pink-Glove Self-Portrait Weisman Westminster-Station Xcel-Energy-Center

Land line


I teased a co-worker this week about still having a land line at home. Promptly 24 hours later, the SIM card in my mobile went haywire. Panic set in for a moment because I suddenly had no way of communicating with anyone.

Seeing this old phone at an antique store today made me chuckle. How far we’ve come. And even back in the day when my parents had this type of phone in the house, I was always annoyed by how long it took the number “9” to dial back. I was born in the right era, for certain.

This is day 355 of Photo 365.

Preseason hockey

Day 260 of Photo 365 was the first game of the preseason for the Minnesota Wild. The first game is always fun to watch. The young kids are trying to make the team so they literally fight, scratch, crawl to impress the coach. It’s a little surreal to be back in a coat and hat already, but I live in Minnesota, right? Go Wild!

Squeaky cheese

My freshman college roommate was from Wausau, Wisconsin, and she was the first person to introduce me to the small cheese nuggets known as cheese curds. “You know they are fresh if they squeak when you chew them,” she told me. And she was right.

Day 259 of Photo 365 is merely a documentary snapshot. At a gas station stop today in nowhere Wisconsin, I was struck by the cheese curd case. A nearly 20 year resident of the North has made cheese curds are just another snack at gas stations to me. But the girl who was born and raised in Kansas remembered that squeaky cheese doesn’t exist in the Great Plains. It was one of those moments that made me realize that I still have two homes in my head.

Frank Lloyd Wright

This morning we stopped at Frank Lloyd Wright’s home and studio in Oak Park since we were in the neighborhood. It’s been a good 20 years since I’ve been in this area, and I had forgotten that Mr. Wright built many homes around the blocks that surround his original house. Even in abstract, you can appreciate his fine lines.

This is day 258 of Photo 365.

On the road again

Today on day 256 of Photo 365 we hit the road from Minnesota for Chicago and a weekend long music festival. The roads in Wisconsin were particularly lovely today.