The Studio Sessions



Tonight I went to the Minnesota Museum of American Art for an opening called “The Studio Sessions: Minnesota Artists of the 1970s.” There was such a vibrant energy in the space, I knew abstracts of people enjoying art was going to be my photo of the day. The problem was I couldn’t pick my favorite.

Many of the artists who were photographed working in their studios back in the 70s were in attendance. Their work inspired me to do the type of art I love most – creating photographs.

This is day 227 of Photo 365.

4 thoughts on “The Studio Sessions

  1. I wasn’t aware that this museum had re-opened (and found a new space). I’ll have to check it out – I loved it in prior locations as they have a great collection. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos! They capture the energy well.

    • Thank you! It’s a wonderful space. They are located at 332 N. Robert Street in downtown Saint Paul.

    • It’s really cool. There’s a short blurb on each artist, and in many instances, pieces of their work from the MMAA collection. Highly recommend a walk-through.

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