Inside Out Lowertown


Inside-Out-Lowertown-Colleen-McGuireIn the Lowertown art district of Saint Paul, Minn., a new outdoor exhibit is on display, and involves much of the community that calls Lowertown home. Inside Out Lowertown features artists and culture makers who live and/or work in the neighborhood. Lowertown touts having the largest concentration of artist live/work studios in the United States, so it is only fitting that the project has sprinkled over 175 photographs of the artists outside, on their warehouse studio spaces.

Pocket of Resistance

The wind was cool on Friday, just 30-some degrees when I walked to work that morning. It’s fall in Minnesota. The air has a bite, scarves are in fashion and we’re all waiting for the inevitable snows of winter. When the patios close, we head inside to listen to music. That night I had fun playing with blur once again on my iPhone while listening to Pocket of Resistance, one of my favorite Lowertown bands.

Bob Dylan Revisited

If anyone here is new, then you might not know Husband is an uber Bob Dylan fan, and proud of it. Bob just announced his fall tour, which includes a stop in Minneapolis in early November. This information could have prompted this scene in Lowertown Saint Paul this week. Who’s going to the show?

Lowertown tree


There is a new holiday tree this year in Lowertown, right smack dab in front of the Saint Paul Union Depot. I would say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on day 350 of Photo 365.

The sledders


The first major snow of the season fell today, causing traffic jams and reinforcing that salt stain on the tip of my boots from last season. It also brought out the kid in two older gentlemen who constructed these happy sledders above a Lowertown sidewalk on day 338 of Photo 365.