Before I die …

The Before I Die project has come to the skyway system in downtown Saint Paul. It’s interesting to read what individual’s hopes and dreams are before they leave this earth. I felt a little guilty reading some of the wishes on the wall because the dream of seeing Ireland or getting married or sailing on a cruise ship are all things I’ve already done. Yet for others they are big bucket list items.

So I ask on this day 197 of Photo 365, what do YOU want to do before you die?

2 thoughts on “Before I die …

  1. Take my kids to Hawaii. I was there four times before they were born and I want them to experience it as well. Mahalo for sharing this photo! What do YOU want to do before you die?

    • What a great idea – sharing something you love so much with the ones you love more than anything! My list is so long … I think living in a foreign country would top my list though!

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