Grand Saint Paul


The Saint Paul Athletic Club is re-opening next month, and tonight I got a first glimpse at the restorations inside this grand dame. At nearly 100 years old, she is lovely, and I couldn’t stop staring at the ceilings and chandeliers. This is day nine of Photo 365.

One thought on “Grand Saint Paul

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    This stunning ceiling seems a bit out of place in an athletic club – though I suppose the crunch and pilate warriors would get a kick of of it. I think it would be much more suited to, say, my bedroom. But then, I spend too many sleepless nights staring at a blank white space as it is; imagine how much more shut-eye I’d forgo were I to get lost in surroundings such as this?! Yet I’m certainly happy to be lost in these and other lovely spots during waking hours, thanks to the photo-y machinations of Colleen McGuire over at Travel Snapshots.

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