Street scenes

Recently I’ve been exposed to a lot of street photography, and the best thing has happened because of it. I’ve been inspired.

As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, I get very hung up on taking the perfect picture. Even though I never shoot the perfect picture, I still strive for it. That also means that I don’t shoot at will, nor do I shoot often enough. I wait.

With departure for the Great Central European Vacation just three days away, I have talked my inner perfect picture freak into shooting madly during this holiday. I’m going to take pictures of everything. And I’m going to take as many pictures of street scenes as I can. It’s my favorite thing to view in a gallery, so why shouldn’t I take pictures of something I love? They might be blurry, have sun spots, odd facial expressions – but I’m still going to do it. (Okay, perfect picture freak?)

Results to come.