Back to Europe we go …

In 2011 husband and I drove over 4,000 miles throughout the United States for our summer vacation. Road trips are our specialty. We both love to see the countryside through a car window, and eight hours of driving is considered a good day.

However, it was the first year I hadn’t been overseas since 2005, and the thought of taking a big plane over the ocean began to pull on me almost as soon as we got home from the Great American Road Trip.

So back to Europe we go, starting in Prague, then dropping to Vienna for a few days (one of our favorite cities that requires another visit), and finishing off with a week in Budapest. Hopefully there will be day trips and stops along the way as we country jump on Eurail. Historically we dump our plans once settled into our vacation, so we’ll see where we really end up.

I am looking forward to street markets and language barriers and the smell of a neighborhood bakery. I am looking forward to the comfort that Europe brings to me, the quieting of my somewhat-chaotic mind and the reminder to enjoy life with family, good food and a glass of wine.

The map is the route we have sketched out so far. Do you have favorite sights or experiences from any of these cities? Let me know. Any and all suggestions are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Back to Europe we go …

  1. That looks awesome! I was just in Prague/Vienna in December and it was really cool with the Christmas Markets. Not sure I have any recommendations outside of just enjoy the city and awesome photo opportunities! I am slowly working on getting my photos and blogging the trip up on my site.

    • I can’t wait to see your photos Jeff! And if anything comes to mind as a “must do” let me know.

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