Street scenes

Recently I’ve been exposed to a lot of street photography, and the best thing has happened because of it. I’ve been inspired.

As I’ve mentioned before in this blog, I get very hung up on taking the perfect picture. Even though I never¬†shoot the perfect picture, I still strive for it. That also means that I don’t shoot at will, nor do I shoot often enough. I wait.

With departure for the Great Central European Vacation just three days away, I have talked my inner perfect picture freak into shooting madly¬†during this holiday. I’m going to take pictures of everything. And I’m going to take as many pictures of street scenes as I can. It’s my favorite thing to view in a gallery, so why shouldn’t I take pictures of something I love? They might be blurry, have sun spots, odd facial expressions – but I’m still going to do it. (Okay, perfect picture freak?)

Results to come.