Run Westy Run


Attending a music show when you’re past a certain age means you need to prepare. One or two naps throughout the day are a necessity, along with comfortable shoes and earplugs.

Run Westy Run, a Minneapolis band with a cult following during the late 1980s and 90s, reunited this weekend with a big show at First Avenue on Friday, Dec. 27. When they added a second show at the Turf Club the following night, husband and I knew what we had to do. Get tickets and prepare.

Minneapolis music legends were in attendance, both on stage and in the audience, which is common at the Turf and one of the reasons I love seeing music at the tiny club.

This is day 362 of Photo 365.

One thought on “Run Westy Run

  1. Last time inside the building now called 1st ave…it was a Greyhound bus depot…….I am 72 years old now …but went to see my son Terry play with his band RWR….never saw them play live…and now was my chance…they reunited and it was on my Bucket list .Wish I had read up on how to prepare for a live concert after a certain age!!!!………..I was not prepared …no ear plugs and lack of sleep and a late show….I am still alive thanks to a lady named Laurie who gave me earplugs and as for staying awake ….RWR was just too entertaining …….Loved the Show

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