Bible verses

Bible Verses
Bible verse reminders found in my grandmother’s Bible.

This is day 22 of Photo 365.

6 thoughts on “Bible verses

    • Yes, her confirmation Bible. I wonder when she wrote the verses out on stationary from a Wisconsin hotel? While studying at Madison? On vacation later in life? It’s one of those questions I wish she was still here to answer. 🙂

      • What a blessing to still have that! Probably when she was studying there. Is that near where she went to school? Could you scan the verses for me and email me a copy? I miss her, too. What a woman! I would love to see what touched her heart from God’s word. My email is : Thanks!

      • YES, of course. I will scan the document and email it to you. It’s a treasure.

        Rhinelander is in northern Wisconsin, over three hours from Madison. So I’m wondering if it was from a vacation with her mother? Or maybe later in life on a waterskiing trip? You’ll have to analyze the handling and font of the paper and tell me what era you think it’s from. 🙂

    • That she did! Seeing her handwriting again feels like she’s in the next room. Wonderful, blessed memories.

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