It was game night at the Saint Paul Union Depot. I didn’t partake in the games, but played with angles instead. At first glance this might look like a chessboard on a table. But it’s actually two foot high game pieces standing on a rubber mat.

I can attest the marble floors in the Depot were spotless on day 107 of Photo 365.

Parking lot

The Saint Paul Union Depot has an extensive parking lot on the east side of the terminals. Tonight the lights in the lot were just far enough away that my iPhone had a hard time focusing. Perfect.

This is day 56 of Photo 365.

Lowertown night


The Union Depot in the Lowertown district of downtown Saint Paul, Minn. was recently renovated, and it’s a beautiful display of light, both inside and out. This picture was taken outside the Depot on my evening stroll through the neighborhood.