Lowertown tree


There is a new holiday tree this year in Lowertown, right smack dab in front of the Saint Paul Union Depot. I would say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on day 350 of Photo 365.

Concourse by night


On day 105 of my Photo 365 project I posted a picture of the Saint Paul Union Depot concourse, brightly lit in all her splendor. Nearly 200 days later she was sleeping quietly in the dark shadows of night.

Twin Waves


Ray King, a Taiwanese-based artist, recently installed “Twin Waves” in the main entrance of the Saint Paul Union Depot. King, who exhibits his light sculptures internationally, is one of several artists that are now on display at Union Depot in Lowertown. Through a $1.25 million art grant program established by the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority, work is slowly being purchased to adorn the chambers and halls of the train depot. I particularly like this exhibit.

This is day 296 of Photo 365.

Peeking back in time


If you strain your eyes to look through a door crack at the Saint Paul Union Depot, you can see an original ticket counter from 1923 standing in its dusty glory.

This is day 270 of Photo 365.

Steel pong

A beautiful wood and steel ping pong table was crafted for festival goers to play on inside the Saint Paul Union Depot during last night’s Northern Spark event. It was still there on the concourse level today, so husband and I played a set. He won. Just barely.

This is day 160 of Photo 365.