Saint Paul Central Library


The Saint Paul Central Library is a stunning vessel, with floor to ceiling marble in many of the hallways and reading rooms. She cost approximately $1.5 million back in 1914, so you can imagine how opulent the interior is. I particularly like the staircase and chandeliers.

This is day 329 of Photo 365.

Como Conservatory

My favorite respite during the winter months is Como Conservatory. It is warm, lush and has wonderful natural light on even the dreariest days. I didn’t need to use one filter on these iPhone images.

My adventure to Como Conservatory is day 328 of Photo 365.






And the winner is … me!


During Levi’s Station to Station event back in September at the Saint Paul Union Depot, I checked out the art, almost bumped into Patti Smith (really), and entered a contest at one of the interactive kiosks. And I won! I got my Levi’s gift card today. I sense a sweet jean jacket in my future. Thanks @Levis and @SpinMedia!

This is day 317 of Photo 365.

Santini’s son


Day 316 of Photo 365 was an ordinary Tuesday, except at the strike of nineteen hundred hours when I was this close to greatness. Talking Volumes, a literary series hosted by Minnesota Public Radio, concluded its regular season this evening at the Fitzgerald Theater with a special guest and special seating. For the first time in the three years I’ve attended the series, seating was available onstage, behind the author’s hot seat and piano used for musical interludes. For the following 90 minutes, Pat Conroy, author of The Great Santini and Prince of Tides, among others, sat in the white chair and told stories, shared observations, and teased those of us sitting behind him that we were in “steerage.” Best third class seat I’ve ever had, Mr. Conroy.