Cathedral Hill


Over the course of this Photo 365 project I have probably taken the most pictures of two structures – the Saint Paul Union Depot and the Saint Paul Cathedral. They are both close to home, easily accessible, and strikingly beautiful to me. This morning, as I sat at a stoplight looking at the building and clouds overhead, I realized I hadn’t yet captured the dominating immensity of the cathedral, towering on a hill that overlooks Saint Paul.

This is day 348 of Photo 365.

The sledders


The first major snow of the season fell today, causing traffic jams and reinforcing that salt stain on the tip of my boots from last season. It also brought out the kid in two older gentlemen who constructed these happy sledders above a Lowertown sidewalk on day 338 of Photo 365.

The up and comer


One of my favorite up and coming artists is Adetomiwa Gbadebo, a young painter originally from Abeokuta, Nigeria who now calls Saint Paul home. His passionate inspiration comes from art, love, justice, peace and all things that man can do to rise above.

In this series Adetomiwa chose to use black as his predominate color because to him, black is beautiful, and he hoped that by using it, people would no longer be afraid of what the color can signify in American society.

This is day 337 of Photo 365.

Saint Paul Central Library


The Saint Paul Central Library is a stunning vessel, with floor to ceiling marble in many of the hallways and reading rooms. She cost approximately $1.5 million back in 1914, so you can imagine how opulent the interior is. I particularly like the staircase and chandeliers.

This is day 329 of Photo 365.

Como Conservatory

My favorite respite during the winter months is Como Conservatory. It is warm, lush and has wonderful natural light on even the dreariest days. I didn’t need to use one filter on these iPhone images.

My adventure to Como Conservatory is day 328 of Photo 365.