North Loop lights

Business meetings through dinner put me in the North Loop of Minneapolis after dark. The North Loop is the hip new place to be in Minneapolis, with lots of restaurants, bars, and as I spied with my iPhone, new condo buildings going up on every corner. This one had a funky disco mood lighting the upper floor, which is either a marketing ploy or just construction workers with a sense of humor.

This is day 252 of Photo 365.

Russian Museum of Art

The Russian Museum of Art in Minneapolis is one of my favorite gallery spaces in the Twin Cities. Today we went to view photographs of Jewish life in Russia as well as a Women in Soviet Art series. It’s an intimate museum with just three floors of a converted church as its canvas.

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Footwear of choice

While being a wallflower listening to live music this evening, two local Minneapolis musicians stood in front of me to chat. Only cool guys can pull off these babies with such style.

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Bike Minneapolis

Minnesotans are so positive. They bike in the winter. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowy or there’s a -10 wind chill. The hardy bike anyway.

This is day 82 of Photo 365, taken outside of the Northrup King Building in Northeast Minneapolis.