Magic bus


This putzy Metro Transit bus drove me crazy from Washington Avenue to 394 during the morning commute, and so I thought I would say thank you for driving so slow. There was no chance I could get into an accident.

This is day 345 of Photo 365.

Minneapolis morning


As I write this, it is -4 degrees and the windchill is -19 degrees. Tomorrow will be worse, with single digits during the day and a weather advisory -30 degree windchill temperature by evening.

This cold snap means morning sunrises are the prettiest pink and purple spectacles of the season.

This is day 343 of Photo 365.

The road home


After spending a wonderful few days in New York City, the scene out the plane window above Minneapolis made me question my residential choice. Just for a second.

This is day 342 of Photo 365.

Eleven years later


In October 2002 I attended a gubernatorial fundraiser in the Wells Fargo Center building in downtown Minneapolis for Roger Moe. I was excited because Senators Paul Wellstone and Ted Kennedy were both scheduled to speak at the event, and Walter Mondale would be in attendance. Mr. Moe kicked off the fundraiser, announcing that Paul Wellstone had decided to attend a funeral in northern Minnesota instead of flying back for the rally, but Ted Kennedy had plenty to say to fill both speaking slots. We laughed. It was a fair trade.

About halfway through Senator Kennedy’s speech, everyone’s cell phones started to ring. I mean, everyone’s, mine included.

Minutes later Roger Moe announced to the crowd Paul Wellstone’s plane had gone down in northern Minnesota. Stunned silence pierced the room. The days that followed were surreal for many Minnesotans as we mourned the loss of our senator of the people. I always think of the event when I look at this building, even on day 307 of Photo 365.

The bridge that fell


On August 1, 2007 the 35W Bridge collapsed in Minneapolis during evening rush hour. It was horrifying to watch the news coverage of crushed cars and school buses under concrete, resting in the river. I immediately contacted co-workers who traveled over the bridge every day, and they had remarkably passed over just minutes before it went down.

The new 35W Bridge is beautiful and strong, and this is the view of downtown Minneapolis from the bridge on day 306 of Photo 365.

The long drive


My office moved locations, and starting today my 15 minute commute turned into a 35 minute journey. I plan to listen to podcasts, audiobooks and enjoy sunsets like this one on my ride across the river.

This is day 294 of Photo 365.