In what is quickly becoming a week of posts about my commute, I decided to work past 6:00 pm today to see if traffic was lighter for my ride home. I found wide open highways. So on day 304 of Photo 365, I present the positive side to #CommuterProblems:

1. You get to listen to audiobooks and podcasts, something you never have time for in your busy life.
2. You can work out all of your day’s mental anxieties and frustrations on the way home, banging on the steering wheel if need be.
3. You can talk to yourself and people sitting in the car next to you will think you’re talking on the phone.
4. You can talk to Siri and work on developing a stronger human-computer bond.
5. You can get to know the cleaning staff at your office building who are startled to see you when they walk into your office, seeking out the trash can.