Hit me with your best shot

The 4th of July holiday weekend is upon us, and many of you will be traveling to grandma’s house in Texas or watching fireworks in Washington, D.C. No matter where you go over the weekend, I want to see your travel snapshots.

I’ve created a new Travel Snapshots Group on Flickr – so this is your moment! Upload pictures of your 4th of July weekend and I will post the best entries on this site. The theme? “America Celebrates.” Pictures of parades, children with sparkers, your mom’s apple pie – whatever you feel is a great representation of the 4th of July celebration. You will be given full credit for your photograph(s) and all pictures are allowed – SLR to camera phone shots.

Entries are due by Wednesday, July 7.

And where am I going over the weekend? Stay tuned. I’ll post my Travel Snapshots as well!