Saint Paul Art Crawl

Today is the start of the weekend Saint Paul Art Crawl that runs through Sunday in Lowertown Saint Paul. My husband, Tom Dunn, has a photography studio in the Northern Warehouse Building where he does his commercial shoots and exhibits art photography. As you have noticed from this blog, I love funky photos. This is Tom’s funkiest photo in rotation this spring (in my opinion). And I, of course, had to funk it up a bit more for fun. 🙂 I’m very proud of him and am looking forward to an art-filled weekend!

This is day 116 of Photo 365.

Chrysler Building

This is the week before Saint Paul Art Crawl, which means our house is full of photography prints, canvases and stationary as husband prepares his studio for the weekend. One of my favorite photos in this year’s collection is a foggy, blurred scene of the Chrysler Building he took the last time we were in New York. And it’s day 114 of Photo 365.