Rue Cler Fleurs

Cler-Fleurs-LOWThe Rue Cler is one of my favorite stops in Paris. The neighborhood is just a few blocks long, but boasts some of the best traditional street markets in the city. On the Rue Cler you buy your cheese, bread, flowers and meat from different merchants along the way.

This photo was taken early morning, when the older crowds were examining the best goods of the day.




We arrived in Paris on World War II Victory Day, a national holiday to celebrate the anniversary of when Charles de Gaulle announced the end of World War II in France on May 8, 1945. Streets and buildings were draped with French flags, especially the Champs-Élysées.


Artist in residence


This artist chose to sketch in the Jardin des Tuileries, just outside the Louvre in Paris. But what was he looking at? A family playing amongst the statues? A beautiful woman sunning herself in the morning light? I will always wonder what was on the other side of his sketch board.

Putin = Hitler


In Paris we encountered this passionate protest of citizens speaking out against Putin’s actions in the Ukraine. Translated, the sign reads, “Putin = Hiltler. Stop the war.”