Art in shadow

One of the installations at Northern Spark was a replica of a home that was put together, only to be burned to the ground at 2:00 am on Sunday, June 9. I couldn’t stay up that late, so day 159 of Photo 365 is people peering into the structure before it was set on fire.

Northern Spark scene



Starting at 8:58 pm, which was sunset, Central Standard Time, Northern Spark launched in Lowertown Saint Paul on Saturday night. An all-night art event ensued, with public projects that included live installations, dance, performance, film, music, screen printing and the art of being in art. Things like families walking around with giant lit fireflies attached to their children’s stroller wasn’t out of the norm (photo 1). A camera crew filmed me taking a picture of a live band (photo 2). And, of course, what community art event isn’t complete unless you have group hula hooping (photo 3)?

Just another day in Lowertown.