Old fashion photography

Today I was introduced to Victor, a gentleman who teaches alternative photography process – as in images on glass or aluminum plates. Before film, cameras were this large, and the image was made on plates instead of negatives. Victor told us that the camera was about 115 years old, and he was offering to photograph people for $50, which is his cost to get the image processed. The end results, as you can see lying on the base of the camera, were stunning.

This picture of Victor and his camera is day 139 of Photo 365.

Severe weather warning

May showers bring June asparagus. And it’s better than the snow we had three weeks ago, so I’ll happily take it.

This is my runner-up for today’s Photo 365 Project.

Art a Whirl

It’s Art a Whirl weekend in Northeast Minneapolis, so husband and I whirled around to different studios today, seeing friends and new art spaces.

This is day 138 of Photo 365.

Claustrophobic paradise


Every First Thursday in Northeast Minneapolis the art district throws open its studio doors. Husband and I went to the Solar Arts Building tonight to check out the art, and this door (and its breaking of the rules) made me giggle.