The ushers at the Minnesota Wild games are almost always more than nice to the fans. They can also talk hockey with the best of them when you’re waiting for a whistle.

This is day 336 of Photo 365.

Cool seats


The regular season of NHL hockey is back in full force. This is where I will be sitting for the next six months if the Minnesota Wild stink, the next eight months if they are victorious.

Day one for the Wild. Day 276 of Photo 365 for me.

Preseason hockey

Day 260 of Photo 365 was the first game of the preseason for the Minnesota Wild. The first game is always fun to watch. The young kids are trying to make the team so they literally fight, scratch, crawl to impress the coach. It’s a little surreal to be back in a coat and hat already, but I live in Minnesota, right? Go Wild!

Lord Stanley’s Cup

Tonight’s local hockey contest is a mash-up between the Minnesota Wild and the Chicago Blackhawks. I do wonder if these two guys will still be friends after the game.

This NHL Stanley Cup playoff game is day 127 of Photo 365.

Abstract from the State of Hockey

It’s a great night for a hockey fight! The Minnesota Wild took on the Saint Louis Blues, and the beginning of the game made this hockey fan shake the camera in frustration. Bad call ref.

This is day 91 of Photo 365.