The ushers at the Minnesota Wild games are almost always more than nice to the fans. They can also talk hockey with the best of them when you’re waiting for a whistle.

This is day 336 of Photo 365.

Preseason hockey

Day 260 of Photo 365 was the first game of the preseason for the Minnesota Wild. The first game is always fun to watch. The young kids are trying to make the team so they literally fight, scratch, crawl to impress the coach. It’s a little surreal to be back in a coat and hat already, but I live in Minnesota, right? Go Wild!

Abstract from the State of Hockey

It’s a great night for a hockey fight! The Minnesota Wild took on the Saint Louis Blues, and the beginning of the game made this hockey fan shake the camera in frustration. Bad call ref.

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Let’s play hockey!


Today is Hockey Day Minnesota where people from Winona to International Falls celebrate putting the puck where mama keeps the peanut butter. There are Pee Wee tournaments, high school contests, the University of Minnesota game against rival North Dakota, the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships, and maybe the biggest celebration, a very belated start to the NHL season. The Minnesota Wild took the ice tonight against the Colorado Avalanche, and I was there for warm-ups. It feels good to be back.

This is day 19 of Photo 365.

Postscript – The Minnesota Wild won 4-2. Tremendous conclusion to a day of hockey!