Happiness Is … Community

Travel Snapshots Colleen McGuire Happiness Is Community

When you live in a condo building, you can put your head down and mutter “hello” as you pass fellow occupants in the garage, or build relationships with your neighbors. Husband and I have gotten to know many of our neighbors over the last year and have reaped the benefits of being part of the community. One of the many benefits of knowing and trusting people that live close to you is getting built in cat-sitting services. We regularly watch neighbor kitties, and in turn, they watch our cat when needed. This is Brutus, who now talks to me and lets me scratch his back because he recognizes me as part of his community.

Cat in the lap

Sometimes after a long day you just want to sit on the couch with a cat in your lap. Arbus curled up tonight, and I couldn’t say no. Limited mobility caused me to get creative with my photo apps. This picture was taken with an iPhone 5 camera, then treated with InstaEditor, and finally given a filter in the BeFunky app. I thought the scratchy frame edges were a nice addition to the big kitty paw.

This is day 17 of Photo 365.

Diane Arbus


Diane Arbus was an American photographer who became well known for her black and white photos of the “unwanted” – the freaks, those not welcomed or accepted into society. So when husband and I went to the animal shelter, and were told that this kitty was from an unwanted litter, not properly socialized, there was only one thing we could do. We adopted her and named her Arbus. For an improperly socialized animal, she sure hangs out in our laps a lot. This is day 15 of Photo 365.