Bob Dylan Revisited

If anyone here is new, then you might not know Husband is an uber Bob Dylan fan, and proud of it. Bob just announced his fall tour, which includes a stop in Minneapolis in early November. This information could have prompted this scene in Lowertown Saint Paul this week. Who’s going to the show?

New HQ

Sometimes you look for a new job. Sometimes it is a hard decision to do so, but you know it’s the right one. While I will still reside in Minnesota going forward, my new company headquarters is in Miami. I don’t think the view from the office is half bad, especially during the upcoming winter months.

Plaza George Orwell

Vegetalia-Barcelona Plaza-George-Orwell

In Barcelona, most tourists pass through Plaza George Orwell on their way to Las Ramblas or to see the historic Barrio Gotic. When husband and I passed through, we stopped in our tracks. When your band consists of one vegan and one vegetarian traveling in a meat eating nation, you are quick to hone in on a vegetarian restaurant immediately. In Plaza Orwell we saw multiple vegetarian restaurants nearly side-by-side with “Vegan!” advertisements hanging from colorful doors. We had found culinary home in Spain.

Many salad and hummus plates into our visit, we decided to dive in feet first, and hit the vegan joint, Gopal, at one corner of the plaza. This is considered “fast” food in Spain, lots of burger options, fake bacon and sandwiches. If you are living on tomato pan and olives, Gopal is a nice break from veggie tapas.

A few doors down is Vegetalia, my favorite Plaza Orwell vegetarian restaurant. A believer in sustainable, organic food, Vegetalia offers saffron rice, Thai tofu, quinoa, tempeh, lentils, brown rice, millet and seitan. You can tapas or entree. Vegetalia doesn’t care as long as you are satisfied.

There are other great bars in the square serving veggie friendly tapas, with square-seating so you can watch families play in this bohemian atmosphere, which is part of the experience. Instead of passing through – linger. Have food that fills you, heart and soul.





Rue Cler Fleurs

Cler-Fleurs-LOWThe Rue Cler is one of my favorite stops in Paris. The neighborhood is just a few blocks long, but boasts some of the best traditional street markets in the city. On the Rue Cler you buy your cheese, bread, flowers and meat from different merchants along the way.

This photo was taken early morning, when the older crowds were examining the best goods of the day.